The African Policing and Civilian Oversight Forum is a network of African policing practitioners from state and non-state institutions. We promote democratic policing through strengthening civilian oversight over the police in Africa. APCOF undertakes research, provides technical support to state and non-state actors including civil society organisations, the police and new and emerging oversight bodies in Africa.

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    APCOF is also a founding and managing partner in the Consortium on Crime and Violence Prevention (CCVP) a collaboration between the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP) and APCOF, which works in South Africa and across the continent on projects in the crime prevention sector.


Policing News

Swaziland: Man found dead in police custody

25 June 2015 

The Swaziland Parliament has called for an inquiry into the death of Mozambican national, Luciano Zavele while the...

South Africa: Woman caught with alcohol in a police vehicle

22 June 2015 

Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) has launched an investigation after pictures of a woman drinking alcohol inside an...

Kenya: Police accused of abuse

21 June 2015 

A report by Human Rights Watch and the Kenyan Human Rights Commissiom alleges that the police have been...

Malawi: Police warned against 'shoot to kill' policy

20 June 2015 

The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has warned against the 'shoot to kill' practice used by the Malawi police...



27 Jul

13 - 17 July 2015 : Advance Human Rights Course on Police Oversight and Accountability

APCOF together with the University of Pretoria ran an intensive Advanced Human Rights Course on Police Oversight and Accountability, in Pretoria, South Africa. 


15 Jul

Meeting on Drafting a General Comment on Victim's Right to Redress under Article 5 of the African Charter

On 6-7 July 2015, APCOF attended a Technical Meeting on Drafting a General Comment on Victims' Right to Redress under Article 5 of the African Charter. The meeting was held by the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights' Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPTA) and REDRESS, and is part of the CPTA's recent efforts to prepare a general comment in relation to Article 5 of the African Charter. The purpose of the General Comment is to specify and clarify the normative context and scope of the right to redress.


30 Jun

Dialogue on the White Paper on Policing and the Firearms Control Amendment Bill

GFSA and APCOF would like to invite you to a briefing, to share perspective and engage in a dialogue on enhancing engagement in upcoming policy developments including the White Paper on Policing and the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, with a particular emphasis on how these processes can strengthen gun violence prevention efforts. 

The briefing will focus on:

- exploring key areas that should be addressed in these policy and legislative developments that can contribute to reducing gun violence in our society

- analysing the key themes across the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, and how the proposed amendments contribute (or not) to effective gun control

- ensuring that there is much greater participation by civil society organisation in the next round of consultatiob on the Firearms Control Amendment Bill, allowing for more diversity and different voices in support of strengthening South Africa's national gun law

- discussing strategies to mobilise community voices, in particular the voices, in particular the voices of those most affected by gun violence. 

DATE: Tuesday 21 July 2015

TIME: 2pm tp 5pm

WHERE: Central Methodist  Mission

Methodist Hall

Burg Street/ Church Street arcade

Cape Town 

We would value your input and hope that you or a representatives from your organisation will be able to attend. Please RSVP to Adele Kirsten at GFSA by close of business on Tuesday 7th July.